Is my CBD real or fake?
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Not all CBD is real or the same. Demand a COA from the retailer or seller. Be wary of any CBD retailer that can not produce a COA. Especially at shows, fairs and expos; reputable sellers will have COA’s with them.


COA’s: Things to check for and ask about. 

Is the report directly associated with the seller. Check the lab report date, is it relatively current. See if the report has a phone number for the lab, is there a lab report number or batch test number. Check to see if the lab is registered with the FDA or DEA. Is the Lab registered with the State it operates in. Are the results presented in an easy to understand manner or are they confusing. Do the results clearly show the CBD % by weight and concentration for that container. What percentage of THC? Federally legal CBD is 0.3% THC by weight. Some CBD retailers grab COA’s from other companies and doctor them. You can usually tell. If the report looks “off”, be wary.  If in doubt, don’t buy. 

  • Warner’s Best CBD products are manufactured from USA grown hemp by farmers who have been doing it for generations.
  • Warner’s Best products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility.
  • Warner’s Best production facility is registered and regularly inspected by the FDA*. You get quality, safe products.
  • Warner’s Best CBD products are Vegan Friendly
  • Most importantly, each batch of Warner’s Best products is third party lab testing to ensure CBD potency and that they are pesticide and fungus free.
  • Warner’s Best products have Zero THC.

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