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The Best In Broad Spectrum And Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabinoids is by adding our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD capsules to your daily routine.

Options to Consider

We offer our full spectrum CBD capsules that are ideal to use at any time of the day. Our full spectrum daytime/nightime capsules contain 0.3% THC, providing the full benefits of the entourage effects.

Our full and broad spectrum daytime capsules, as well as our CBD capsules that promote a night of healthy, restful sleep, are made from dispensary quality CBD. These capsules deliver an accurate dosage for your peace of mind. Our full spectrum softgels are available in the 30mg CBD and 0.8mg THC options or at the higher dosage of 100 mg CBD and 2mg THC. The higher potency option is ideal for those seeking support for sleep and the discomfort that can prevent one from falling asleep.

Best Combinations of Cannabinoids

At Warner’s Best, we formulate our broad spectrum and full spectrum daytime/nighttime capsules to optimize specific wellness requirements. In addition, we add CBG, and CBN, to our CBD formulations, offering additional benefits.

For those looking for a powerful solution in AM and PM formulations with zero THC, try our Warn’s Gold Standard capsules. We are one of only a few companies offering this higher potency CBD capsule.

For assistance with your order or more information on our full spectrum CBD capsules, call us today at 860-995-4444 or reach us online.