The Relax Bundle

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The Relax Bundle
3 great cbd products at one great price

Its has been a long hard day, and you sit back and take a dropper full of the 500 full spectrum cbd oil. Hmmm, orange flavor flows thru your mouth as you think, wow, wouldn’t a Happy Day cbd bath bomb be great with a glass of wine?  So you draw a warm bath and throw in the aromatic ball. 35 minutes later as you wrap the warm towel around yourself you grab the Lavender massage oil and head to the bedroom, a nice neck massage will soothe any remaining stress from the day. Just think, that could be you tonight.

This bundle combines Warner’s Best 500mg flavored Full Spectrum CBD oil with Warner’s Best Lavender and CBD massage oil. Great for massaging away a long hard day. Also included 2 Happy Day and 2 Be Soothed Bath bombs with 35 mg cbd each.

A great combination of products to help relax away the weight of a hard day..

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