Recovery Bundle

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The Recovery Bundle
4 great cbd products at one great price

This bundle combines Warner’s Best 1000 mg flavored CBD oil with our Full Spectrum gel caps, at 25 mg each that is a 60 day supply of full spectrum CBD oil. Also included is Warner’s Best Lavender and CBD massage oil. Great for massaging away a long hard day and last but not least a 2oz jar of Nano salve. With 250 mg of miniaturized cbd molecules this stuff will get right to the spot you want it. 
A great combination of products to work with in your daily routine for 6-8 weeks.

regular price bundle price
1000 mg flavored CBD oil $70.00 $60.00
25 mg Full Spectrum Gummies – 30 count $50.00 $35.00
2 oz. Nano Salve – 250 mg $39.00 $30.00
4 oz Lavender Massage Oil $39.00 $30.00
$ 198.00 $ 155.00


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