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Great Tasting Coffee
300 mg CBD

Great way to start your day. Get that caffeine boost and take all that life throws at you with that awesome CBD chill. A real essential for all coffee lovers out there!

Perfect to keep you you awake all while keeping you relaxed and calm.

Try some CBD Coffee today.

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Medical Mary’s Medium Roast begins with pure Arabica beans expertly roasted to bring out a gourmet balance of aroma, body, and flavor. Every batch we make is enhanced with our world-famous CBD. The result? A totally new coffee experience so rich, so rewarding you won’t want to go a day without at least one delicious cup.

Use 2 Tbsp. of coffee per 6 oz. of water and adjust accordingly.

Introducing our Medical Mary Medium Roast Ground Coffee. Our coffee blend is 100% Arabica Colombian and contains 300 MG of CBD. It is Non-GMO and made in the USA.