At Warner’s Best, we provide a great selection of gummies for our customers, including broad-spectrum gummies and Delta 8 gummies. However, we have two types of full spectrum gummies, including our full spectrum CBD gummies as well as our full spectrum CBG gummies. For our customers who are new to the world of cannabinoids, let us take a moment to explain what makes these two types of full spectrum gummies unique.

The Basics of our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

As a best seller with great taste and 50mg of CBD, the full spectrum gummies at Warner’s Best make for the perfect snack for people on the go, during vacations, or at work looking to benefit from the effects of potent CBD. The full spectrum CBD gummies are some of the best and most potent full spectrum products in the marketplace, as they are dispensary-grade – without the need for a medical card or a prescription!

Many people have found our full spectrum CBD gummies to be helpful in addressing everyday sleep, stress, and pain issues, and while they are safe for daily consumption, it’s important to take your own body’s reaction into consideration to ensure you get the amount that is most comfortable for you. These gummies are very strong, each gummy contains 50mg CBD and 5mg THC.

The Basics of Full Spectrum CBG Gummies 

Our full spectrum CBG gummies are a more potent version of our standard CBD gummies, as they contain both 50mg of CBD as well as 25mg of CBG and even 5mg of THC. While people take CBG for a variety of reasons, some people have found CBG to be helpful in calming upset stomachs and nausea, others ingest it to help manage inflammation.

Formulated for both vegans and people who are well-versed to regular does of CBD, our full spectrum CBG gummies are the perfect solution for people who may be less sensitive to the effects of hemp products.

Broad Spectrum and Delta 8 Gummies

Compared to full-spectrum gummies, the broad spectrum CBD gummies at Warner’s Best are ideal for people new to the world of CBD, and those who want to start ingesting CBD in smaller amounts with lighter impact. Some of our customers have reported broad spectrum gummies to be helpful in aiding with sleep, stress management, and pain management.

Other customers prefer our premium-quality Delta 8 gummies, formulated for greater calmness and focus as they tackle the day. Great for work or relaxation, our Delta 8 gummies have helped many customers achieve greater relaxation and a more euphoric state of mind.

If you have questions about any of the best CBD gummies in the marketplace, get in touch with Warner’s Best today or visit our store in Avon, CT!