What is a CBD Tincture?

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What is a CBD Tincture?

Tinctures are CBD extract that has been into some sort of carrier oil such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil. MCT oil is commonly used for its higher absorption rates natural anti inflammatory properties. Tinctures are great for inflammation, sleep, and stress management. Inflammation is the cause of about 70% of pain in the human body. Any pain derived from inflammation may benefit from the use of CBD oil. CBD oil is also a great way to calm down and relax. As well as aid your sleep.

What’s the correct way to use a CBD Tincture?

The correct way to take a tincture is to take one mL of the oil and let it sit underneath your tongue for 30 seconds to a minute (the longer the better) then swallow. This allows it to absorb in through the mucous membrane in your mouth allowing for better bioavailability (how much CBD you actually absorb) as well as better absorption rate (how fast your body absorbs the CBD). Give about 30 minutes before you feel benefits.

Warners Best CBD Tinctures come in both full spectrum and broad spectrum products. Full spectrum CBD contains trace elements of THC (less than 0.3% and not enough for a psychoactive effect) and is considered to be the most effective form of CBD. Full spectrum CBD combines all of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant giving what is called the full entourage effect. Broad spectrum CBD is a THC free product and a great option for people who get drug tested or just want to stay away from THC in general. Broad spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant except for the THC. Meaning they are still more powerful than isolate CBD.

All Warner’s Best CBD Oil’s are 3rd party tested, pharmacist formulated, made using Co2 extraction, in an FDA registered and approved facility, using American grown hemp. These products are vegan, gluten free, and certified organic.

You can order CBD oil on Warner’s Best website or shop at their national sales office at 354 Main Street Suite 8, Newington CT, 06111. Call us at 860-995-4444. Why wait? Try CBD today!

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