Which CBD Product Is Right For You?

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Which CBD Product Is Right For You?

By now you should be pretty familiar with the benefits of CBD, in fact you might even be thinking about incorporating it into your daily routine but just unsure which product is right for you.

That’s understandable. With so many options available today, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which products would be most helpful for your individual needs and goals. That’s why I’m going to break down all the different products to help you understand what will be best for you.

CBD Oils

If you are new to CBD, oils (also called tinctures) are often a great option because they allow you to be very precise about how much you take.

Cannabinoids have a biphasic effect, meaning low and high doses can have different effects.To find your ideal amount of CBD for each effect, start low and slowly increase by five milligrams.

The downside of oils is that some people have flavor or consistency issues with the carrier oil (MCT Oil).


There is also some room for error with oils and a lot of people don’t know the proper way to use them. Hold the drops beneath your tongue for at least 20 seconds (the longer you keep under tongue without swallowing the better) and avoid eating or drinking for at least 10 minutes afterward. This supports maximal absorption.

Tinctures take effect within 15 to 30 minutes. As a result, they are great if you are looking for quick results, like when work gets the better of you. They are also helpful if you are having a hard time settling down at night and need help relaxing.

CBD Capsules And Gummies

Capsules are probably the most convenient form of CBD because they can be taken anywhere, anytime. Also they are taste-free and easy to swallow.

CBD gummies, meanwhile, are great for those who want to be discreet about their CBD. CBD gummies are much more discreet than an oil and have the benefit of not looking like a pill for those who might be self conscious about using CBD in public. Gummies are a great option for someone who is looking to keep some CBD in their desk drawer at work.

Both gummies and capsules must pass through the digestive system in order to be absorbed. Because of this, they have a lower bioavailability than other forms of CBD. This means that a good amount of the CBD you take is lost in metabolism as the capsule or gummy passes through your system. So, if you take a 10-milligram CBD capsule or gummy, you will not get 10 milligrams worth of effects.

Because of this process, CBD you ingest also takes longer to do its thing. However, its effects last longer than other forms of CBD.


If you are taking CBD to support quality sleep, either a capsule or gummy may be a good option. They slowly release CBD throughout the night, allowing for that longer-acting effect.

Since you may not notice any effects for one or two hours, take your CBD well in advance of your desired bedtime.

CBD Topicals

When applied topically, CBD is absorbed directly through your skin and into the local muscles and other tissues. It takes effect to support achy muscles or joints quickly—and you can use as much as you like.

Topicals work great for fast acting pain relief. Customer’s have also commented that topical products have been able to help them sleep by easing the pain on other parts of the body.

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