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Warner’s Best CBD and the Boston Marathon

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Warner’s Best showcased its CBD products at the Boston Marathon Expo on April 12-14 2019.  Thousands of runners and spectators learned about how CBD products can help in recovery after strenuous workouts. Boston Marathon runners want CBD with zero THC. Warner’s Best 0% THC products were just the ticket.

Providing information about CBD at Boston Marathon

The booth: Warner’s Best CBD at Boston Marathon

Needless to say Warner’s Best Pain Cream was a huge hit. A small amount gently rubbed into the area that is sore or causing pain provides instant relief that can last up to 6 hours.

The 1000 and 1500 mg tinctures also drew tremendous interest by those marathon runners in the know.  The constant training on hard surfaces causes inflammation in the knees and ankles and in some cases tendinitis.  Warner’s Best CBD oils aid in managing that inflammation and providing relief.

Not surprisingly, CBD Bath bombs and Boston Marathon runners went hand in hand. It seems that the runners love the CBD Bath bombs. Great for soaking away aches and pains, especially in the days after the event. Several runners swore taking a soak was one of the things the most looked forward to during the the long training runs. 

Check out our shop page, and select one of our premium CBD products today. Get the same relief from CBD that the runners in Boston know about. 

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